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Slowly by OinkieKitten

The thing I love the most about this without question is your absolutely dazzling color pallet. The blues and purples are very pleasing and calm, and the light effects are lovely. You asked for the critique to focus more on color and not on anatomy. so I will do that :)

Your color is lovely, and your shadows have a nice hue to them. Ir brings in the rich color of the piece without it being eyes exceedingly bright. It is bright and rich without being obnoxious, which I love. It is very peaceful and inviting.

What I would like to see is a little bit darker shadows on the character. She has plenty of lovely highlights but I don't feel a lot of dark and shadow on her. The place where I feel it is missing most is on the hair, where there are strands overlapping and going behind other pieces. There is little shadow and that hurts the illusion of light. Other areas to look at are under her face, her chest, on the details and shape of her face, and inside her hind leg. Really beautiful image :) Good work, keep it up!
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